About us

Åre Nature Adventures was a part of Explore Åre. As the company grew bigger we noticed that multiple target groups; conferences, schools, travelers, gave us a hard time to offer the perfect experience. Therefore, we split up the company. As a result, Åre Nature Adventures was born.  Our focus is to offer a genuine, unforgettable and enjoyable experience to our guests.

                       Let us guide you to your next adventure.

We believe that with smaller groups we can offer a better service with more genuine & unforgettable experience.

Our Guides

We choose our guides carefully, ensuring that they have the required experience and education. Our guides need to have studied mountain safety and most importantly, be service minded!


A unique location to experience nature, true wilderness and many exciting activities.”

#älskaåre (loveare)

We’re located in a village called Åre, which is located 63° north in Sweden. The surroundings offer a variety of activities; extreme, calm or maybe a little bit of both. Whilst enjoying these activities, you will experience the beautiful landscape of mountains, lakes and birch/spruce forests. Sometimes in full bloom with green fields with contrasting stark grey rocks, or with a cloud-like landscape covered in snow.